How do I handle being injured in an Orlando car accident when I live in Seattle?

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How do I handle being injured in an Orlando car accident when I live in Seattle?

Imagine this scenario: a few weeks ago, you and your family were in Orlando visiting the Mouse. You saved up for this trip for years. It is literally the trip of a lifetime.

On day three, you were running an errand and this guy crashes into the back of the rental car. You spent the rest of the day in the emergency room, and the last two days of your vacation in the hotel room.

Now you’re back in Seattle, the rental car company wants you to pay for the car, you’re going to the doctor, and receiving bills from that Florida hospital. You feel overwhelmed and your thinking about hiring a lawyer, but it begs the question, should you hire a local lawyer or a lawyer in Orlando?

The benefits of hiring a Seattle personal injury lawyer

The biggest benefit of hiring a local Seattle attorney is that they are local. You can go in and talk to the lawyer, send them your paperwork, have your questions answered face to face, and the lawyer knows the physicians that are taking of your injuries.

The cons of hiring a local attorney

Odds are that your local attorney is not licensed in Florida and isn’t familiar with the nuances of Florida car accident law.

Florida is one of a few states that still have a no-fault auto accident law, which adds a layer of complexity to the claims process.

The most effective way to handle the situation

The best way to handle this type of situation is hire a Seattle car accident lawyer and he will hire a Florida lawyer. With this arrangement you get the best of both worlds.

Your local lawyer will be able to meet with you, deal with your local health care providers, and answer general questions. While your Florida lawyer will deal with the Florida health care providers and the issues involving Florida law.

I recently handled a lawsuit for an out of state client that worked seamlessly with this type of arrangement.

His local attorney gathered the local medical records, met with the client, assisted the client in locating information that the defendant’s insurance required during the lawsuit, prepared the client for his deposition, and met with the client’s doctor before the doctor’s deposition.

In Florida, I handled the court appearances, the client’s deposition, depositions of the defendant and witnesses, and attended the mediation with the client.

Does this type of representation cost more?

No. The cost is the same. Even though you have two law firms representing you, the fee is still one contingency fee that the firms split. With this type of arrangement, you get the best of both worlds. A Seattle attorney that will handle the local part of the case and an Orlando lawyer that will handle the Florida part of your case

Guy S. DiMartino is a Florida Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer that handles personal injury matters in Central Florida.


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